MA Programme Tuition

The complete cost of the programme is $ 5500, which covers:

  • A non-refundable Enrolment fee: $1500
  • MA tuition fee: $4.000
  • PT Extension charge: $1000 per term

Programme costs are applicable to candidates as follows:

FC - (12 months): $5500 + all related costs for face-to-face learning in Addis Ababa
FO - (18 months): $5.000
PT - (18 ): $7.000 + PT extension charge


  1. Complete tuition fees can be paid at the beginning of the study period or in 2 (FC) or 3(FO and PT) installments at the beginning of each term via Bank Transfer.
  2. Corporate applications from staff of government and International institutions (a minimum of 5) to the full time combination route will be given a 10% tuition discount.
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