10 Years of Building Capacity for Peace in Africa


Building Leadership Capacity of Young Women

Africa’s future lies in the hands of young people; hence, UPAP believes that there is a need to work with and for young people, especially women. With this regard, the Africa programme has started an action research that is entitled, “Enhancing young Ethiopian Women’s political/public participation through building their relationship with women leaders” in February 2011. This project focuses on undergraduate level female students and aspires to build their leadership capacity by facilitating learning opportunities from accomplished women leaders through a mentorship programme. The project also incorporates leadership trainings that gear towards supplementing the mentorship programme.

The grant to this project was awarded to UPAP research team as one of 14 other international research teams selected by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) under a research theme, “Young Women’s Political Participation”. The globalized nature of the grant also gives the research team members to collaborate with other country research teams. In this regard, the team is taking part in, “A Comparative Conversation across Four National Research Projects”, which is established by teams from Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan and Ethiopia. The teams provide each other with peer support, exchange information about related literature, methodological issues and the potential for comparative analysis. The teams regularly exchange information both on-line and in person about their on-going researches. Regarding their meetings, they gather every six months within two years’ time. So far, they met in Cairo, Addis Ababa and Tunis and discussed about their on-going researches. Their final meeting will be conducted in 2013.

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