10 Years of Building Capacity for Peace in Africa


Environmental and Resource Factors in African Conflicts, with particular emphasis on Darfur

The “Environmental and resource issues of factors in African conflicts, and as elements in conflict prevention and peace-building, with particular emphasis on Darfur” project commenced activities in February 2009. In the first six months, in-house research was conducted on themes such as climate and environmental changes in Ethiopia, Sudan and Sub-Saharan Africa; climate and vegetation changes in the Sahel; environmental consequences of the Darfur conflict; land and conflict in Rwanda, Burundi and DRC; and adaptation options to climate change in Africa. A summary of the perspectives of various Arabic sources on the Darfur conflict was also prepared. Following this work, an international conference on “Environmental and resource issues as factors in African conflicts, with special attention to the case of Darfur” was organized in Addis Ababa.

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